About Realty Partners

The Realty Partners Mission is to Help Agents Make More Money, Be More Successful and Truly Own Their Lives.

We accomplish this by providing the tools, resources, technology and training necessary to succeed at the highest level. In addition, Realty Partners is agent owned, and we offer agents the opportunity to share in the profits and success, and become co-owners in the business. The majority of the company's equity (55%) is set aside for our agents, associates and team members, and 55% of our earnings are paid out to qualified agents, associates and team members annually.

The Realty Partners operates an open and transparent Real Estate Brokerage Business Model in which the Agent is treated like a true Partner in Success, and has the opportunity to share in the financial success of the company, including any and all auxiliary profit centers.

Realty Partners was founded by Thomas Heimann, a successful serial entrepreneur with a 10+ years experience in the real estate industry where he built one of the leading real estate teams in SW Florida, was the top listing agent (# of listings) for several years in a row, and pioneered new business models in both the real estate and title industry.

Realty Partners was founded to create a truly agent-centric business model that recognizes the agents as the businesses true drivers of success and subsequently rewards them by sharing in the overall success of the company through the Industry's first true profit sharing and retirement plan.

Realty Partners International, LLC (RPI) has structured its ownership in such a way as to allow agents to participate in the overall earnings at the top corporate level as opposed to just a regional office or "market center". In addition, because earnings of all subsidiaries roll up to RPI, for the first time the agent has an opportunity to also indirectly share in the ownership benefit of title, lending, insurance and other related service providers as they come online.

Because RPI/Realty Partners agents are our partners in success and our focus is on running a profitable business, we will always look at the business need vs profitability equation. We are committed to running a lean and profitable business first and foremost, and in that spirit, Mr. Heimann as the company's Founder and Chief Executive Officer has pledged to draw a salary of only $1/year, with his ultimate compensation depending entirely on the company's profitability.